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The Rotihaus story

Brijender Saxena, a passionate food-loving north Indian, along with his wife Sunita Saxena, founded a party-catering service in 1984.
They both adored Indian cuisine and regularly cooked delicious homemade curries and authentic specialties for friends. He devoted many years in learning the art of Swiss and French cuisine in which he serves with perfection. Saxena arrived in Switzerland in 1980 from the Taj Group of Hotels in Agra, one of India’s best Hotels.

Soon he spotted the opportunity to introduce, with his skills, Indian cuisine, which was not well known to the Swiss then. A true hard working Indian entrepreneur, he made his fortune with the help of his family and true friends.

It was only after 1998 Saxena transformed his passion for Indian food into extended business by establishing the Restaurant Rotihaus in the City of Bern, serving homemade Indian dishes, rustic, wholesome and full of earthy flavours where he implemented his idea of offering both, the authentic Indian and the classic French cuisine.

After many years of experience in catering and five years in restaurant in Bern the clientele went to such extent that he started to attract diners far over the bernese area. He made the move to Biel in early 2002 after much persuasion from his clientele that wanted the restaurant in a larger scale.