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You can enjoy our specialties in the wonderfully bejeweled Indian hall with Indian ambience (80 Pers.) or a simple lunch / dinner in a homely atmosphere in the restaurant section (60 Pers.). Terrace and garden (60 Pers.) invite on beautiful warm days to relaxing and dining in open.

Served Cold

119Small LettuceCHF 5.50
120LettuceCHF 6.50
121Mixed SaladCHF 7.50
122Mixed Salad with EggCHF 15.00
135Chef's SaladCHF 16.50


101Tomato SoupCHF 6.50
102Consommé with EggCHF 6.00
103Swiss Bündner Gerstensuppe (barley soup)CHF 7.50

Cold Dishes
130Swiss Bünderteller
(Local plate with ham, bacon, Swiss cold meat)
CHF 22.50
131Swiss Saanen Hobelkäse
(Local planing cheese)
CHF 20.50
132Rotihaus Plate
(Ham, peperoni, cold meat)
CHF 19.50

Vegetarian Dishes

139Vegetarian Spring Roll with Saffron RiceCHF 18.50
140Rotihaus Plate of VegetablesCHF 22.50

Main Dishes with Salad

159Entrecôte / Sirloin (Beef)
with fresh vegetables, potato croquettes
CHF 34.50
160Filetsteak (Beef)
with fresh vegetables, potato croquettes
CHF 38.50
135Swiss Geschnetzeltes (pork cut into strips)
with fresh Swiss Rösti (fried shredded patatoes)
CHF 24.50
136Pork Cutlet in a Cream Sauce
with noodles
CHF 25.50
137Breaded Pork Cutlet
with French fries
CHF 24.50
138Bratwurst (pork sausage) with Onion Sauce
with fresh Swiss Rösti (fried shredded patatoes)
CHF 24.50
133Fried Chicken
with orange sauce and rice
CHF 23.50
143Winzerrösti (fried shredded patatoes) with BaconCHF 22.00
144Veal Cutlet
with a cream sauce and Swiss Rösti (fried shredded patatoes)
CHF 26.50
145Bratwurst (veal sausage) with Onion Sauce
with fresh Swiss Rösti (fried shredded patatoes)
CHF 23.50
146Lamb Cutlet, fresh Vegetables
with potato croquettes
CHF 26.50

Fish Dishes
147Fried Eglifilets (local fish sirloin)
with tartar sauce and boiled potatoes
CHF 25.50
148Fried Prawn
with tartar sauce, boiled potatoes or rice
CHF 23.50
149Fried Sole Siroloin
with boiled potatoes or rice
CHF 23.50

Origin of meat / TVA

Strips of vealNetherlands
LambSwitzerland or New Zealand (specified in menu)
Chicken breastHungary
Chicken nuggetsBrazil
Shoulder of ham / hamProduction: Switzerland
Origin: Switzerland
Smoked hamProduction: Switzerland
Origin: Switzerland
SalamiProduction: Italy
Origin: Switzerland
(local air-dried beef)
Production: Switzerland
Origin: Switzerland

In the prices included